Cloud Computing Awareness (CCA-01)


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Slowly but surely the position of Cloud Computing hype changes to commodity. But what exactly Cloud Computing? When it is really Cloud Computing and when the term is misused for old wine in new bottles? After training you know the answer to that. We started with the advantages and disadvantages of the various cloud strategies and look at the business opportunities and risks. We treat both from the consumer and from the supplier. In addition, we look at the changes in organizations for decision-making regarding ICT costs and the role of cloud computing in it.



Target audience

This training is for people who are interested in Cloud solutions. You work for example in a role – IT Consultant – IT specialist – Security specialist – Infrastructure Specialist – Service Specialist – System specialis – Test Specialist



After the training, we know: What is the Cloud; What opportunities and risks of the use of the Cloud; What is needed to use it in their own organization.




The training covers the following topics:


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • The principles of Cloud Computing.
  • Termonologie and definitions
  • Different types of clouds (public, private and hybrid) and cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS);
  • Implementation and management of Cloud Computing.
  • Local cloud networking and supporting the use of Cloud Computing
  • Using the Cloud with regard to the accessibility of cloud and mobility
  • Security and compliance.




1 day

Extra informatie

Data en locaties

11 april 2017 te Utrecht, 18 april 2017 te Eindhoven, 19 april 2017 te Groningen, 20 april 2017 te Amsterdam, 21 april 2017 te Maastricht


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