Big Data Essentials (BD-02)




Training Big Data Fundamentals gives you a complete and applicable introduction of the impact of big data within your organization. Both practical and theoretical, all aspects of A to Z Discussed. Use this program as a springboard to create your own team and big data to shape your project.

Big Data Training is Intended for all professionals who make Their work have large amounts of data and want to lay a solid theoretical basis in the field of Big Data. We are thinking of Big Data project managers, business intelligence managers and consultants, IT managers, business development managers, data analysts, business analysts, data warehouse analysts, information architects, marketing (technology) managers, marketing (intelligence) managers and innovation managers.

After completion of the training

  • you know the basics of Big Data;
  • you know what Big Data analysis strategies are;
  • you know the principles of algorithms and Big Data analytics;
  • have basic knowledge of Big Data architecture principles; and
  • have basic knowledge of Big Data systems.


During this training is handled what Big Data Big Data. You get an overview of a wide range of Big Data analysis strategies, algorithms, architectures Big Data and Big Data systems. You will learn what ways there are to get value from Big Data and how data analysis turnover in Big Data applications.

During the first two days of this training is all about Big Data Big Data the concept formation. The Following modules are covered:

  • What is Big Data?
  • Introduction to various Big Data analysis strategies.
  • The Principles of algorithms and analytics.
  • The base of Big Data architecture principles.
  • The base of Big Data systems.

The third day will focus on the preparation for the official Big Data Foundation exam. The organizational and operational aspects of the tests are fully Explained. In Addition, you get started with creating a large number of practice questions. These questions are in line with the modules covered during the first two course days. In Addition, this third day is sufficient is space to ask questions to your teacher.

3 days


Extra informatie

Data en locaties

1 mei 2017 te Zoetermeer, 10 mei 2017 te Eindhoven, 14 juni 2017 te Groningen, 19 juni 2017 te Maastricht


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